3 CBD Products to Help With Anxiety

Several studies have shown CBD to be an effective supplemental treatment for anxiety in a range of patients. Handling and managing anxieties are serious struggles for millions of people, and sometimes people need a bit of assistance in managing the effects of their anxiety. Many folks choose to use CBD as part of their anxiety…

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Can CBD Oil Curb Seasonal Allergies?

You can hardly search for healthy living products anymore without a pop-up advertisement for CBD. That’s because more than 30 million Americans are now using CBD oil for everything from personal care and relief to natural alternatives for improving energy. As the popularity of the healing properties of CBD flowers, more attention is being given…

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8 Benefits of Taking CBD Daily

The cannabis plant has been used for centuries to successfully provide pain relief, address sleep issues, reduce anxiety, and aid skin conditions like eczema, even sunburn. With such an extensive history, what’s all the recent controversy over its use? And why are some of us, who’ve been dialed into healthy living practices for decades, just…

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Learn How CBD Oil Can Help You Stay Active

It’s difficult to stay active and keep energetic in a world where so many things keep demanding your attention. We all know that keeping our body moving is essential to our health. Maintaining the energy to exercise and keep up with our more physical hobbies can feel impossible when aches, pains and mental health struggles…

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Thinking About CBD? Here’s Where To Start.

I hate to admit that I’m “aging,” but I’ll confess that, as of late, I have begun taking personal health and wellness recommendations more to heart. Just north of 50, I’m now following my doctor’s recommendation for exercise (minimum 5 hours a week), the USDA’s dietary guidelines for fruits and vegetables (5 to 13 servings…

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Introducing Zuna Brands CBD Products

Farm to Consumer Transparency By Gary Falconbridge When the cannabis extract known as CBD began booming in popularity a few years ago, confusion and misinformation soared too. As with any new frontier, opportunity precedes order, and the budding industry quickly found itself in a legal grey area. Having launched numerous companies over the past 35…